Snapping Syndrome

How Can Chiropractic Treatment Help Dancers?

How Can Chiropractic Treatment Help Snapping Syndrome In Dancers?

The Challenge

Chiropractic case study for dancersTassia is a competitive ballet and tap dancer in her teens. Her parents brought her to see me because she had developed clicking in both hips, especially on the left, during ballet. This mainly happened when she raised one leg in front and moved it from waist high in an arc.

The Examination

When Tassia was examined it became apparent that she had ‘snapping syndrome’ (coxa saltans), a problem common to dancers where the tendon ‘snaps’ across the bone. This is not always associated with pain but my concern with Tassia was that left untreated the problem would worsen and prevent her from dancing.

The Treatment

The focus of treatment using gentle chiropractic techniques was to the pelvis and hips whilst also using a whole body approach (McTimoney) to release strains that may have occurred elsewhere as a result of compensation for the dysfunction around the hips.

Follow Up Treatment

Tassia dances ‘en pointe’ which can put a considerable strain on her body, especially if there is an imbalance. To keep in tip top condition she continues to have regular chiropractic sessions to help prevent problems especially related to her lower body.

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