5 Step Health Plan

Our 5 step health planWhy we have a 5 Step Health Plan to make our treatment plans easy for our patients to understand and to choose either recovery or health care maintenance. Do you drive your car without ever having a service?   Do you wait until something goes wrong before getting it fixed?  This is the mode of health repair that most people adopt so that patients usually ring us when things go wrong and they are in pain.

Lifestyle habits such as poor posture, smoking, and over indulgence in the wrong foods can lead to many health problems including muscle and joint pain.  We encourage patients to think about working on health in a proactive not reactive way rather like visiting the dentist for check-ups to keep your mouth in tip top condition.  Have a look at our 5 step health plan.

  1. Pain relief – this is when most patients first visit.  This is rather like pasting up the cracks so that the problem is likely to return.
  2. Correction – this is sorting out the problem.
  3. Maintenance – is keeping things up together on a regular basis.
  4. Prevention – early detection to avoid bigger problems, time off work and interrupted life.
  5. Keeping you at your best not only with chiropractic adjusting but helping you to understand how to make the best lifestyle choices.