Coccyx Pain Case Study

Can Chiropractic Help With Coccyx Pain?

The Problem

Coccyx pain reliefPaula came to see me complaining of pain in her coccyx, the medical term for the tail bone. She had not suffered any fall or injury and had not recently given birth. The pain was causing her significant discomfort at work when she was sitting at her desk.
Coccydynia is the term used for this type of pain which is often associated with a direct injury or during childbirth when the bone can get disturbed by difficulties during the birth, especially if forceps are used. Paula had not suffered any fall or injury and had not recently given birth.

The Examination

Paula had a tender area when the coccyx joints the sacrum, the pelvic bone at the base of the spine. She also had her usual tightness around the neck and shoulders which is related to sitting at her desk and the stresses associated with her work as her job is busy and demanding and she is full time.

The Treatment

Initially, specific chiropractic adjusting around the coccyx combined with craniosacral therapy proved helpful in addition to the usual gentle whole body chiropractic treatment that Paula was used to receiving during her maintenance visits.
However, although the pain improved after treatment it did not last. I was determined to help Paula so I did some research and found a treatment protocol that involved simultaneous treatment to the neck and coccyx which I used on Paula.

The Outcome

Paula’s coccyx pain resolved. However, it became clear that the pain she had been experiencing in her coccyx was associated with the stress response in her neck and shoulders. The membranous system that surrounds the brain and spinal cord effectively creates a real link between the head and neck and the rest of the spine. This undermines the reason why it is important to look at the body as a whole, something we value in the clinic.
Paula was very satisfied with the outcome of her treatment and continues to attend for regular chiropractic maintenance to help her cope with her demanding job in management.

Coccyx Pain Relief

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