Remedial Massage Therapy

Remedial massage therapyRemedial massage therapy is a therapy that involves an in-depth knowledge of the mechanics of body movement along with an understanding of the structure and behaviour of the muscles and other soft tissues.

It is often used for sports related injuries or injuries sustained as a result of prolonged postural overload in jobs involving sitting at a desk.

Treatment can include a range of techniques and is personalised to the individual with the aim of resolving the underlying issue rather than simply treating the symptoms.

Another element of remedial massage and possibly one of the most important, is the educational aspect.  Treatment includes instruction on stretches and exercises designed to aid the recovery and resolution of muscular issues and promote strength, flexibility, and posture.

Remedial massage therapy, Southampton can be used to treat a variety of problems from neck tension and the headaches it can cause, to joint and back pain and even issues with the feet.  It is also used to help people recover from injuries and to resolve the underlying causes.

Treatment sessions last for 30 mins or 60 mins.

Peter Gritt, our sports and remedial massage therapist is happy to have a chat with you about your problems.  Just give us a call or complete the enquiry form.