Sports Injuries

Sports injuriesSporting activites may result in sports injuries through faulty responses by the joints and muscles to the increased demands during sporting activities on the complex systems that govern the way the body moves.  This is termed the proprioceptive response and it is how the brain protects the body from injury.

On a day to day level, the body is able to compensate for stresses and strains but exercise places extra demands on the protective prioceptive system making sports injuries more likely.

Injury can also be caused during sports such as rugby and football through contact with another player.  Chiropractic and sports therapy can play an important role in rehabilitation following injury and in improving overall sports performance.

Some of the injuries that we see in the clinic are from playing sports such as football, rugby, running, tennis and golf.

We are also trained to treat sports injuries in children.  It is important not to ignore children who complain of pain after injury.  We are happy to give parents advice in this regard.

Our chiropractors and sports therapist are always happy to talk to you about ways we can help you recover from injury and improve your performance.

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