Elbow Pain

Chiropractic treatment for elbow painTypically tennis elbow is a repetitive strain injury often the result of overuse. Any repetitive, forceful movements of the wrist, such as typing or playing tennis can cause shortening of the muscles and result in elbow pain.

This causes the attachment of the muscles at the outer part of the elbow to be placed under considerable tension and a sudden movement at the wrist may cause a tear in the muscle or tendon such as the backhand swing in tennis. Often the injury may not be caused by actually playing tennis. A similar problem can occur on the inside of the elbow, commonly known as golfers elbow.

Not only tennis but other activities may cause this including DIY and gardening or repetitive work at a desk/ computer, carpentry, plumbing, cashier work, bowling. It may also be associated with shoulder girdle dysfunction.

Chiropractors will make a thorough assessment of the elbow and associated structures and then discuss a treatment plan that may include mobilisation and exercise.