Neck Pain

Chiropractic treatment for neck painNeck pain is common and affects about 2 in 3 people at some time during their lives.

Chiropractic offers a valuable approach to a wide range of neck (cervical) problems. Manipulation or adjusting as performed by McTimoney chiropractors is a precise and gentle therapy whose aim is to return motion to restricted spinal joints and to improve the overall mechanics of the spine.

Seven delicate vertebrae make up the bony structure of the neck, cushioned by the same disc material as is found in our low backs. These discs, made up of concentric circles of fibrous material with a firm, gel-like centre, act as shock absorbers for the considerable mechanical demands placed on the neck. Strong ligaments along the front and rear of the body of the vertebrae along with additional ligaments between the vertebrae’s bony prominences bind the vertebra together.

These ligaments also have a neurological function: nervous elements in ligaments help the brain to know where the body is in space.To understand more about chiropractic and neck pain please give us a call.