Sciatica pain

Pain and ChiropracticWhat is sciatica?

If you have ever had sciatica pain you probably know quite a lot about it.  The pain can be variable ranging from dull to sharp, constant or intermittent and be associated with pins and needles or numbness in some areas of the leg.  Sciatica pain can radiate from the buttock down to the foot and there may or may not be back pain.    In severe cases it can totally prevent normal day to day activities and result in time off work and sleep disruption.  Sciatica can resolve quickly but in some cases it can take months and it can leave permanent effects such as episodes of low back pain or pins and needles in the toes.

Sciatica occurs when the sciatic nerve becomes trapped, often by disc material or because of degeneration in the low back when space around the nerves becomes restricted.  Some of our older patients come to see us because of this.  Other causes may be due to injury or less commonly a tumour.

Some relief may be obtained from taking over the counter pain control and it is better to try to keep moving.  Application of ice to reduce the swelling can also be helpful. If these self-help measures do not make a difference, it might be worth considering some chiropractic treatment.  Chiropractors will examine and in some instances refer you for investigation such as an MRI to confirm the diagnosis.

At Hiltingbury Chiropractic, our gentle McTimoney chiropractic approach is often a helpful treatment for sciatica pain, so give us a ring if you live in the Southampton, Winchester or Romsey area to have a chat about your particular problem on 023 8027 3545.

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